2019/06/14 10:41:04 Written by Canarian Weekly Business
In edition number 1107 of the Canarian Weekly we released an article on the situation at Los Claveles Resort, situated in Los Cristianos. In such article, some information was delivered regarding the litigation between the Club Committee of the timeshare properties at the Los Claveles Resort and Wimpen/Onagrup. Right after the article was released in both the newspaper and on, Wimpen and Onagrup have exercised the rectification action provided in Ley Orgánica 2/1984, de 26 de marzo, reguladora del derecho de rectificación, and for the purpose of giving compliment to such rectification action, Canarian Weekly wants to disclose the following information: 1.- None of the disputes between the Cub Committee and Wimpen mean any risk for the timeshare owners of losing their properties. Actually, many of the timeshare owners, as members of the Club, disagree with the position of the Club Committee. 2.- No firm court or arbitration resolution regarding the issues between Club Committee and Wimpen has been released and/or duly enforced under Spanish Jurisdiction. Wimpen shall promptly comply with any final and firm resolution (from Court and/or Arbitration) that levelly ensures the rights of all the parties involved in the Los Claveles Resort. 3.- Wimpen has always complied with the Constitution and the Statutes that rule the Club. 4.- For Wimpen this is not a game or a matter of lengthening the cases in time, as Wimpen is a company that successfully provides management services for various different resorts, and achieving the best standards of quality service is one of their priorities. 5.- Onagrup is not a disputing party in any of the court cases and arbitration, to which only Wimpen and the Club Committee are committed.