Puerto de la Cruz will have disinfectant gel dispensers on the streets

2020/07/30 15:50:15 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Puerto de la Cruz City Council unanimously agreed to install disinfectant hand gel dispensers in public areas such as busy streets, squares and parks.

This proposal will allow Puerto de la Cruz to follow the example of Garachico, which has already installed disinfectant gel dispensers in streets, squares, playgrounds and bathing areas. Sandra Rodríguez (Coalition Canarias) successfully proposed the placement of this type of dispenser in "the places of greatest public interest, as well as in areas where people travel such as bus stops and taxis ranks."

Initially, the request was made by Rodríguez during April whilst still under the state of Alarm; the Coalition Canarias presented a proposal for the placement of gel dispensers in municipal offices as well as in places of interest public such as playgrounds, squares and strategic areas where people meet. Three months later, and after being rejected at the time by the local government groups it has now been approved.