Polish tourist who tested positive with antigen test, also tests positive with PCR

2020/11/23 07:28:07 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Polish tourist who tested positive with an antigen test last Thursday when checking in to a hotel, has now been transferred to an accommodation facility adapted for the Ministry of Health’s "Noah's ark" protocol, because he has given the same result with a PCR test.

The man is still asymptomatic and remains isolated in one of the places of accommodation put into operation with the collaboration of the Cabildo de Tenerife and the Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands, to house those people who can’t keep quarantine with the necessary isolation guarantees.

In this situation, if someone tests negative with an antigen test, then they and free to go on their way; but if they test positive, they are then taken to have a PCR test, and protocols activated dependent on the result of that test.

In this context, the Ministry of Health wants to remind everyone that to be classed as a ‘close contact’ of someone positive, it must be less than 1.5 metres away and without a mask and for a minimum of 15 minutes.

In the case of this tourist, and after studying his contacts, the General Directorate of Public Health has determined that these circumstances have not occurred and the possibility of contagion has been rejected, since he was travelling alone and has not maintained any risky contacts.