National Police detain four people using false documents at Tenerife airports

2020/10/15 14:13:55 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The National Police has detained four men, two of them with existing police records, for two incidents of trying to travel on fake documents at Reina Sofia and Los Rodeos airports in Tenerife.

In the case of the Reina Sofía airport, the officers proceeded to identify two people who were trying to take a flight to London, and noticed that the Greek identity cards, with which they had identified themselves with, showed signs of having been tampered with, especially the photographs of the two documents.

After taking them to the Police Border Control post, the two men voluntarily acknowledged being Albanian citizens, showing their passports to the national police officers, who proceeded to arrest them.

In the case of the Los Rodeos airport, agents identified two undocumented men who were trying to travel with separate passes, apparently issued by an African country.

A meticulous inspection of the documents led the agents to find signs of falsification, both in their form and in the inconsistencies between what was reflected by the documents and the information available in the databases that they consulted.

Given the existing evidence, the national police officers also arrested these people for two crimes of falsification of documents. The detainees, together with the different reports made by the National Police, have been made available to the competent judicial authority.