Police Officer retires and passes away the same day

2020/07/23 12:56:50 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A Local Police officer in Telde Gran Canaria unexpectedly died of a heart attack after leaving his last day of work.

Martín Calzada 62-years-old had 37 years in the Local Police, He was officially retiring in a few weeks, but last Sunday was his last working day on the force, His colleges managed to surprise him for his retirement with a walk of honour and a celebration of his last day at work. Just a few hours later he began feeling unwell and was transferred to hospital where he died of a heart attack leaving a wife and two children.

"It is a difficult day, very sad," said the head of the municipal police force, Félix Ramos, yesterday. "Apart from an excellent professional, he was compliant, loyal, and very respectful of all his colleagues." I knew him well. Lifelong. When Félix entered the Local Police, back in the 80s of the 20th century, Martín had been three years. "It leaves us with a huge void,". "It wasn't the fairest ending for him."

Both his boss and some of his colleagues, including Armando Martín, agreed yesterday that he "loved his job." It was usual for him to show up half an hour before he had to start. It was as if it was in his blood to be a policeman.