San Miguel petrol station held up at gun point

2020/05/17 12:17:44 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Two hooded men, and another individual waiting outside in a stolen car, robbed the Repsol El Ramonal petrol station, located in Las Zocas, San Miguel, at gunpoint last night at around 10:30pm.

Despite resistance from the wife of the owner of the service station, they managed to steal the afternoons taking and 50 cartons of cigarettes.

Fortunately no-one was injured during the robbery, which was recorded by the station's CCTV, which, like all those of the González Group, remain open 24 hours, except for, due to the state of alarm, the cafeterias and car washes that are not allowed.

Five years ago, on October 19th in broad daylight, in Mencey de Abona in Granadilla, two robbers on a motorcycle, pounced on owner of these petrol stations, José Miguel González, and after violently hitting him, they seized about 40,000 euros from the weekend takings.
Still, five years later, the businessman's robbers and assailants have not been caught.