Mother and daughter arrested for no mask and spitting at a policeman

2020/11/26 10:25:32 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A 49-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter have been arrested in the Vegueta neighbourhood of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, after flatly refusing to wear a mask and spitting at a local police officer as they were walking through the area.

The incident happened on Calle Dolores de la Rocha in Vegueta, after the policemen saw them without a mask, and requested that they put one on. Far from collaborating with the agents, the two women, who turned out to be mother and daughter, ignored the agents' instructions, continuing to walk by without putting on their masks.

Faced with the disobedience of both women, the agents followed them and told them if they didn’t they would be fined, and said they would have to show their identification to draft a sanction proposal for the breach of regulations.

At this point both of them refused to be identified, and despite attempts by the local police officers to get them to agree to show their identification documents, they stated that they disagreed with wearing masks and had no reason to identify themselves, showing the agents an unofficial document by which they claimed to be exempt from their use.

Finally, despite the agents explaining that if they refused to show their identity documents they would have to accompany them to a Police Station to be officially sanctioned, both maintained their refusal to collaborate, and gave resistance to the officers trying to get them into the police vehicle, and one of them even spat on one of the policemen and damaged the car.

The mother and daughter were then taken to the police station as detainees for an alleged crime of disobedience and serious resistance to the agents of the authority, in addition to a possible minor offence for the damage caused to the police vehicle.

Both women have been charged and the Local Police have also drawn up the corresponding reports of complaint for failing to comply with the obligation to wear a mask, for which they will have to face fines of at least 100 euros, plus their disobedience to law enforcement officials, could lead to a fine of more than 600 euros, and up to one year in prison.