Santa Cruz Council: If you have space, you can have more tables

2020/05/15 11:53:14 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

"As long as you don't exceed capacity on your licence, you can go above 50% capacity"

The Santa Cruz City Council wants to clarify, that the businesses requesting the expansion of their outdoor terraces, can increase the number of tables beyond the 50% reduction off their original capacity, provided that they do not exceed their licensed capacity.

This means that if a terrace has a license for ten tables, the current situation requires it to have only half. But, if you expand the square metres of the premises, the number of tables that you can put, can exceed those five until you reach the original 10, but never more than that figure, and as long as there is proportional space between the tables and free space to keep safety distances and access for pedestrians.

The Council ensures that the interpretation made by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Merchants of the Avenida Marítima (Aecam), on the information provided by the municipal technicians is wrong, and that, as in La Laguna, more metres will mean having a greater number of tables and chairs, but without exceeding the number granted in the original license. This will mean that some terraces, always within the law, could reach up to 100% of their capacity.

Aecam had complained that they were not allowed to expand the number of tables and chairs, but only the amount of space.
The association hopes that with this clarification, the pressure they are receiving from the Local Police, to not put even one more chair than the 50% of the capacity allows, will stop. They also understand that if a terrace has enough space, as is the case of those on Avenida Anaga, they are allowed to go beyond 50% of the capacity, without the need to formally request their expansion, provided that rules are respected.