Man tried to kill his aunt in street by stabbing her saying it was revenge!

2020/11/26 09:51:05 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

A 37-year-old man, known as Lester, has been arrested after stabbing his aunt in the street in the La Cumbrita neighbourhood of Alcala, in Guía de Isora. The 67 year old woman is in a serious condition although medics say that her life is not in danger.

The Local Police managed to arrest the man, who, in front of passersby terrified by the attack, justified his actions as revenge for what the victim had done to his mother ten years ago leading to her death. According to police and medical sources, Lester suffers from mental health problems, has been arrested on numerous occasions, and has been treated at the Psychiatry Unit of the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria several times.

Some residents came to try and help, as the woman was lying on the ground, covered in blood, by a zebra crossing, but Lester threatened them with the knife telling them not to get involved. During the attack which lasted more than 10 minutes, Lester kept shouting at his aunt that she “deserved it”.

At first, the injured woman asked passers-by in a weak voice: "please help me," however, no one was able to approach, because of the threats from Lester, who had a knife in his right hand, saying: "Don't you guys get involved, eh!"

He also kept saying to her: "You are already dead, there is no one to save you!" Meanwhile, the locals shouted at him in anger: "Don’t do it, stop! But Lester continued to justify himself and with more warnings: "I have taken out the two dogs that you had there guarding me, and now you are a dead woman."

He continued ranting “She killed my mother, she killed her ten years ago; I'm doing what I deserve. She made my mother leave the house my grandparents gave her, but now the problem is over.”

To the astonishment of those present, the man continued to stand waiting for the victim to do something, saying: "she will never do witchcraft to me again, or anything at all." And then turned to the people watching from the other side of the road, adding: "if you had gone through the hell that I’ve been through, you would understand."

“The problem that I had, I solved it in my own way; each one looks for life and solves their problems as best they can”, he said, “when I get out of jail, I will continue with my life, calm, without hurting anyone or messing with anyone; I am looking for a job, a partner and to live my life," said Lester. Meanwhile, the people watching waited for the Police and emergency services to arrest him.

After being arrested, medics tended to the victim who had suffered serious injuries, although, according to sources, there is no fear for her life. Health personnel took her to the La Candelaria Hospital Emergency Room, since, among others, she had a cut on her neck.

Lester was convinced that he had killed her. The investigation of the case was undertaken by the Guardia Civil, both from Guía de Isora and from the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police based in Playa de las Américas.

One of the sources consulted after the event stated that the now arrested Lester, "has carried out his threat, which he had said for a long time that he was going to do." On several occasions the security forces have intervened with the aforementioned man, who, apparently, suffers from mental health problems.


Photo: El Dia