Man rescued from being crushed to death in garbage truck

2020/11/27 10:00:37 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A man has suffered injuries to both legs last night, after he fell into a garbage truck when it was emptying a rubbish container that he had spent the night in, sheltering from the bad weather in Gran Canaria.

Fortunately the truck driver saw that something was moving on the cameras in the cabin of the truck, and stopped the machinery which was crushing the contents of the dumpster, including the man.

Fire-fighters were called to the scene at around 2.30 this morning at Calle León y Castillo near the Naval Base in Las Palmas, and managed to rescue the man, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, who was trapped under the rubbish being crushed with injuries to both of his legs below the knee.

According to a spokesman "He was sleeping in the container when the truck arrived to collect the garbage, when he fell inside getting trapped by the machinery. It was lucky the driver saw something otherwise he would have been crushed to death. The poor man just screamed, but after calming him down it was possible to free him.”

They explained that by using hydraulic tools and coordinating the movement of the machines with the Collection operators, the pressure on the man’s legs was relieved and they were able rescue him and take him to the Doctor Negrín hospital for treatment, where he is in a stable condition.

Intervention was not easy because the agents had to wear level two protective suits against the risk of contamination by biological agents, since it was a rescue from organic garbage.