Man jailed for sexually assaulting air stewardess on flight to Tenerife

2020/08/06 16:51:11 Written by Canarian Weekly National

A 36-year-old man has been jailed after he assaulted an air stewardess and his outrageous behaviour caused concern on an EasyJet flight to Tenerife on 29th June last year.

Kramat Khan touched the flight attendant inappropriately without consent when she tried to serve drinks and then later grabbed her from behind in a tight hug and kissed her neck, ignoring her telling him to stop.

He also ripped off his shirt and was challenging other passengers to a fight; the pilot of the aircraft had to request priority permission to land due to Khans behaviour.

A police spokesperson said, “Khan ignored staff and his behaviour escalated to become abusive and aggressive towards the crew and the other passengers, demanding a fight and being racially abusive towards members of the crew who tried to assist.”

He has been sentenced to jail for six months for endangering an aircraft and two months for the

Sergeant James Hart of Bedfordshire Police's Airport Police Unit said: 'Khan's behaviour posed a serious risk to the crew and passengers and he acted disrespectfully towards a female member of the crew, leaving her shaken and distressed for several days after.

'We are pleased that the severity of his actions has been recognised by the court in the form of a jail term.

'The crew's primary responsibility is for the safety of the aircraft and its passengers and Khan's behaviour put that in jeopardy.

'Abusive and disruptive passengers must expect to be firmly dealt with, and this behaviour is never acceptable, let alone on board an aircraft.'

Mick Broster, Head of Security for easyJet, said: 'Whilst serious disruptive passenger incidents are rare, easyJet will not tolerate them. We take them very seriously, always push for prosecution and we fully co-operated with the police during their investigation.'