Man arrested for robbing a supermarket using a screwdriver as a weapon

2020/11/25 13:41:39 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A 46-year-old man, with a score of criminal records, has been arrested and charged of robbing a supermarket yesterday, by threatening the cashier with a sharpened screwdriver, using it as a knife, in the municipality of Telde, in Gran Canaria, as reported by the National Police.

The employee of the store, which located in the neighbourhood of Las Huesas, said that an individual approached the cash till and forced her to hand over all the money from the register, which only amounted to 450 euros as most payments are by card, according to a statement from her regional superior Headquarters.

Agents who went to the scene collected the physical characteristics of the man provided by the victim, and carried out a search in the surrounding area that led them to locate him a few hours later in a bar just a few metres from the supermarket.

The police press release states that the man has been charged for the crime of robbery with violence, and has been placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.