Local businesses shown plans for new hospital.

2005/04/29 09:00:00 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife
Local business people were shown a scale model of the new hospital and were informed about the equipment and services. The budget for the project is over 37m euros and should take three years to complete. There will be 250 social health care places: 60 will be medium stay and 30 for day care places; there will also be 26 residential places for the disabled and 30 day care places.During their visit to the ITER where the meeting was held, the members of the Tenerife South Business Association took a tour of the facilities and the Visitor's Centre. They were able to see some of the international research projects underway at the high-tech institute.ITER Managing Director, Manuel Cendagorta, also revealed a new solar energy scheme featuring 150 photo-voltaic panels of 100 kilowatts that will be installed at the site to generate electricity which can be sold onto the network at an attractive price.