Lanzarote estimates a maximum of 374 flights a week to the island during winter

2020/11/08 10:09:23 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

The César Manrique airport will register activity well below previous years in this current winter season, which is the end of October until the end of March, according to a report on connectivity made by the Lanzarote Tourist Board.

At the most, apart from cancellations or temporary suspensions caused by Covid-19, they say it will be possible to reach 374 flights a week, a decrease of 28% with respect to the programming of last year.

The daily links between the island and various national destinations seem guaranteed, at least in the short term, on the basis that every week there are 138 inter-island flights, with a predominance of Gran Canaria over Tenerife; and 47 connections with various mainland destinations, with Madrid the main one.

In other words, the amount of domestic flights will account for about half of the flights per week, as long as international activity is not diminished, a circumstance that unfortunately keeps occurring during these days.

Half of the flights are dependent on the evolution of the virus and confinements in Europe, with the best possible scenario allowing airlines to reach 189 flights a week, although that will not be the case this month, leaving this figure at the expense of seeing what conditions will be like with the coronavirus in December and in the first months of 2021.

The forecast closed at the end of October contemplates reaching 108 flights a week with destinations in the UK. This estimate, however, will no longer take place during November, since several airlines have decided to temporarily suspend their operations, after the British Government announced new measures for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

With Germany, up to 29 flights a week are estimated, reducing to 15 for France, and 9 with Holland. There are also links from Lanzarote César Manrique airport with Belgium (5 a week), Denmark (3), Finland (1), Ireland (5), Italy (3), Luxembourg (1), Norway (2), Sweden (2) and Switzerland (4), although in some cases these won’t start until December or the New Year.

Also, the possibility of direct connections with the Czech Republic has been ruled out for this winter season, the same as happened for part of the previous winter campaign.