Landlords relax - Liberty Seguros has you covered!

2019/08/23 10:44:57 Written by Canarian Weekly Business
HUNDREDS of thousands of expats own property in Spain, and a large percentage of these are rented out, either long or short term. Whether you are a seasonal or year-long landlord, there is great money to be made renting your property out, whilst you are away! However, there is potential risk and worry, when someone else is living in your home, permanently, or for a few months. But now, Liberty Seguros has improved its home insurance by developing some new measures, to assure you that you can relax and rest assured that, as a landlord here in Spain, you are secure and protected. Nobody likes to consider the thought of their property being damaged, but, unfortunately, it does happen. So, in the eventuality of any unfortunate event, Liberty has introduced the following new benefits, to further protect you from any accident liability, or damage by a careless tenant. As the proprietor of a rented property, Liberty Expatriates offers the following benefits: *Personal Liability of the owner against the tenant, for personal and/or material damages to the tenant, caused by “building”, or, in case of securing the content, derived from the furniture of the property *Personal liability of the tenant, against the owner, as a result of a loss from water damage, with limits of 15,000 euros for the Basic mode, and 30,000 euros for the Plus and Premium mode *Damages arising from acts of vandalism committed by the legal tenants of the insured home are guaranteed, with a compensation limit per accident and year of 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 euros, respectively, for the Basic, Plus and Premium modalities. A fixed-rate fee, equal to the rent deposit for the period of stay, will be applied (min. 300€) *Legal defence and claims for damages, limited exclusively to claims-related covered content, owned by the policyholder If your house is intended to be permanently rented, over the whole year, even by Airbnb, Liberty Seguros also adds the following new benefits for extra peace of mind: *Loss of rentals, with compensation of a monthly payment with a maximum limit of 1,000, 3,000 and 4,000 euros, respectively, for the Basic, Plus and Premium modalities. *Personal liability of the tenant against the Community, with a maximum limit of 50,000 euros per accident With Liberty Seguros, all documents can be provided in different languages, so you know exactly where you stand. And, if not, they are able to give you advice, face-to-face, through their local agents, and you also have, at your disposal, 24/7 emergency assistance, through a multi-lingual, freephone number. Liberty Seguros is considered to be the preferred expat insurer in Spain today, and has an extensive network of over 300 brokers and agents, who have many years of experience. They are dedicated to giving in-depth information about the different policies, not only for home, but also car, life, business, commercial, funeral etc., and can advise you on the best cover to suit you and your family, in your own language. For further details, call us on 91 342 25 49, or visit