Jet2 cuts short holidays to Spain

2020/07/31 11:16:26 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

Jet2 has notified some of their customers who are already on holiday in Spain they need to cut their trips short and return home or risk having to make their own way back. Jet2 have already cancelled holidays and flights to Spain during the upcoming weeks and now they are sending out empty planes to bring customers home until 3 August.

Holidaymakers that are returning from Spain and Spanish Islands to the UK will have to self isolate for 14 days, but government advice was that they did not need to leave Spain earlier than planned, but Jet2 has made the decision to bring customers home early.

In a statement, a spokesperson has said: "We are contacting customers who are currently in these destinations to advise them of their options regarding flying back to the UK.

"We appreciate that some of our package holiday customers were due to stay on holiday for longer than this and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

"It is important to note that we are responding to a very fast-moving situation with updates coming from the government with little or no notice, and we have had to make decisions about our programme accordingly.

"We can assure these customers that we will be in touch with them to resolve any issues that they may have."

"Jet2 must now urgently clarify whether this is a requirement or a choice, and make it clear to customers whose package holiday has been cancelled what their rights are to a partial refund for the remainder of their trip."