The Highway Horse in Gran Canaria

2020/10/30 17:37:15 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A Horse surprised drivers on the GC-1 today. The animal was seen galloping down the fast lane of the motorway, heading in the direction of Las Palmas, close to Telde.

The Horse which seemed to have been spooked, was initially seen in the fast lane then crossed over to the hard shoulder and ran several kilometres before it made its way off the busy road to safety.

The animal seems to have escaped from a nearby farm, and a bus along with other motorists tried to assist by driving slowly close to it.

It is reported the horse spent almost an hour on the road with several calls made to the emergency services to assist, but was home safely later on.

One of the people in a car following it, recorded the moment in which the animal galloped through the Las Huesas area.