440 kilos of hashish found in a van in Arrecife by traffic police

2020/09/24 07:28:52 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

Traffic Police of the Guardia Civil in Arrecife stopped a box truck on the LZ-102, after they saw it do an illegal U-turn at kilometer 0.4 of the LZ-102 road, which links Arrecife to the LZ-101.

After the driver, a 58-year-old Moroccan male, who only had his original passport on him, was required to show his driving license, he stated that he is a resident of Fuerteventura and had left it at a friends house where he was temporarily staying in the municipality of Teguise.

Due to some inconsistencies in his story as to why he did a U-turn and because he didn't have his licence on him, the officers decided to accompany him to the place where he was staying to verify and check his documentation and story.

Going to the address to meet him, the truck was parked outside but the man was nowhere to be seen, and when they tried the door, no answer as it was empty.

Deciding to inspect the vehicle for documents to find out any more, was when they checked the cargo in the back, and found the drug packed in cardboard boxes.

The Guardia Civil seized the drugs and are continuing with their investigation to locate and arrest the Moroccan driver of the vehicle, who's whereabouts at this stage remain unknown.