The Government extends Covid restrictions in Tenerife until December 10th

2020/11/26 16:19:45 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Canary Islands Government has announced the extension of the restrictions imposed in Tenerife until Friday 10th December due to the situation of the pandemic on the island, while in the coming weeks it will determine the additional rules that will be imposed across the Canary Islands for Christmas.

The spokesman for the Government, Julio Pérez, stated in a press conference this afternoon that the situation of the pandemic in Tenerife is complicated. Although the data has not particularly worsened, it also hasn’t improved and is not showing signs of doing so yet as to be able to lift these restrictions.

This new extension will be for fifteen days from today until December 10th, and Pérez said that the fact that the situation is not improving in Tenerife, cannot be attributed to one single thing, because in general there is compliance with the measures. But he did say that there are areas in which these measures are not being adopted properly and this is highlighted by the number of outbreaks and the ‘ripple’ effect of people affected.

He went on to say that the two main areas are family gatherings of more than six people, and social gatherings, mainly in bars, without the correct distancing and use of masks. These need to be addressed as they are the main situations that people are seeing others outside of their household in a more relaxed manner, as generally conditions are observed correctly in the work environment.

Pérez also said that in the next couple of weeks the Government will announce additional regulations to those currently in force, related to the upcoming Christmas holidays to prevent a spike in numbers in the islands.
These rules refer to limiting the number of attendees at family reunions, mobility, and cutting the hours of bar, restaurant and hotel activities even further.

Pérez finished by saying that the Government will wait for the right moment to decide on these measures according to the evolution of the pandemic in the Canary Islands, and will make decisions about whether or not children are included when determining the maximum number of attendees to family reunions, or what the restrictions of mobility and hospitality opening hours will be.


Photo: Europa Press