Government receives 3,353 applications from Canaries companies to renew ERTE

2020/10/21 08:48:18 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Government of the Canary Islands has received a total of 3,353 ERTE renewal requests from companies and employers, affecting 31,732 workers, announced the Deputy Minister of Employment, Gustavo Santana, who stated that the corresponding disbursement is not an expense, but the largest and most relevant investment in this crisis.

He supplied these figures in to a parliamentary committee in response to a request from the deputy of the Socialist group, Yolanda Mendoza, about the negotiation process and signing of the proposal of the Canarian Labour Relations Council, to the Tripartite Commission on ERTE matters.

Santana specified that this data corresponds to ERTE renewal requests, within those already in force, and whose term ended at midnight yesterday in order to benefit from the quota exemption.

In fact, the number of workers in ERTE is not a fixed amount, since employees can be "activated or de-activated" according to needs, said Santana, who pointed out that in the Canary Islands there are 83,000 people affected by a Temporary Employment Regulation File" who haven’t been able to go to work for a single day since they entered the ERTE.

98% of ERTEs in the Canary Islands are applied to more than 132,000 SME workers (Small and Medium Enterprises) since their authorization in March, and represents a paradigm shift from tradition since they needed a union appointment for negotiation on behalf of these types of small companies, in which legally there is no union representation due to the small number of employees.