Death toll of capsized boat rises to eight

2020/11/25 08:30:33 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

UPDATE: 25.11.2020, 3.22PM

Search and Rescue have found a fourth dead body this afternoon, the eighth recovered since last night, and all males. It is feared that among the deceased are a woman and a minor and emergency services say that the search will last for 72 hours, as long as the weather permits.

It is not ruled out that there are more fatalities, since according to witnesses there could be more missing.

A boat with 35 people, all of Maghreb origin, overturned last night on the coast of Órzola, in the north of Lanzarote, and several of its occupants are still missing in the water, after the boat collided with rocks. The video shows the treacherous conditions that emergency personnel had to deal with to rescue the occupants, some of them jumping in the water themselves to save them.

At least four people have died when falling into the water a few metres from the Lanzarote coast, and it is not ruled out that there are more fatalities, since according to witnesses, there are three more missing, as confirmed by the Lanzarote Emergency and Security Consortium.

Video: BiosferaTv

So far 28 young people have been rescued alive, all men of Maghreb origin, all are in good health and are in the hands of the National Police to proceed with their affiliation. Agents have confirmed that women and children were also travelling on the boat, something authorities are trying to clarify to confirm that there are three still missing.

The lack of electricity in the area made it very difficult last night to search for the three young men, who disappeared after the boat overturned, and it is thought that the absence of the moon made it harder for the boat as it approached the coast, especially as the sea conditions were also not ideal at that time.

The tragic incident happened at around 7:30pm last night near Órzola, and it was the people’s screams that caught the attention of the emergency services, who were already nearby transferring the immigrants who had arrived in La Graciosa earlier in the day.

Video: Voz de Lanzarote / Sergio Betancort

The residents of the area where the boat ran aground and overturned did not hesitate to go out and help the emergency services operating in the area, with some even jumping into the water to help.

The search for the three missing people has been resumed this morning, with a Maritime Rescue helicopter and a drone starting the search at 8:00am.

They have been deployed to the north coast of Lanzarote in the hope of finding the three men. In addition fire-fighters and rescue personnel are combing the area of the wreck.

The survivors are now in care of the Red Cross, and will undergo PCR tests to activate the relevant protocols.

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY 25.11.2020, 8.52am:
Emergency services and rescue personnel have recovered two bodies from the sea this morning, increasing the death toll to six, and it is feared that there are still three people missing after survivors identified them, but said other are still unaccounted for.
The search in Lanzarote continues.

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY 25.11.2020, 9.58am:
Emergency services have confirmed a third body has been recovered this morning raising the number of dead to seven.