Five buses delayed by one passenger with no mask and smoking on bus

2020/11/19 08:31:01 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

Five Municipal Buses on line 12 in Las Palmas which links the Port with Hoya de la Plata, were delayed between 7:53 and 8:50am yesterday morning, by the same passenger getting on them without a mask on, and lighting a cigarette on two of them.

The transport company refused to move the bus after she refused to put on a mask, but the woman in question also refused to get off the bus, so they called the National Police. When they did this she immediately got off the bus, but then she repeated the same behaviour with the subsequent buses on the same route.

Municipal Buses reported that they had 5 services interrupted due to the behaviour of this passenger, and have apologised to regular commuters for the disruption in the service.

In a post on social media, they stressed that they "strongly condemn these actions, and apologize to those who have been delayed due to this uncivil act. We know how important the lines are first thing in the morning, and more so on a route like Line 12," they added.

“This is why from Guaguas Municipales, we demand more public awareness and remind you that the use of the mask has been MANDATORY on public transport since May 5th!!" posted the company.