40 people evicted from an illegal settlement on the Granadilla coast

2020/07/30 17:19:53 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Around 40 people, mostly in their thirties and foreign nationals, were evicted first thing this morning on the order of Costas and the Granadilla Council. The people were living on the coastal strip between Agua Dulce, in Los Abrigos, and La Mareta. All the squatters left peacefully and without resistance, and many had already left before the police arrived.

The inhabitants of the caves and shacks themselves had already cleared much of the area after they were notified of the eviction a week ago, but a cleanup team was brought in to clear the rest of the area.

The Councillor for Security of the City Council of Granadilla, María Candelaria Rodríguez, who supervised the operation, confirmed that among the evicted persons there were no children and thanked for the collaboration of those affected in the cleaning tasks.

Around noon, the cleaning operation in the area was finished, and the cleaning teams and employees extended their work to other settlements on the coast closest to Los Abrigos.