Eight car fire in south of Tenerife

2020/10/12 11:29:30 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

San Miguel fire-fighters were called out early this morning to a fire affecting eight cars in a parking lot on the TF-65, the road that runs from Las Chafiras to Los Abrigos.

As reported by the Tenerife Fire Brigade Consortium this morning Monday October 12th on Twitter, a fire broke out in Las Chafiras that affected eight used vehicles that were parked in a parking lot not far from the Las Chafiras roundabout, on the left as you head towards Los Abrigos.

Some cars were affected more than others, but the quick response, rapid action, and close proximity of the San Miguel fire station, prevented the damage from being greater, and they confirmed that no-one was injured in the incident.

The Local Police and Guardia Civil were also at the scene which happened before sunrise this morning, and are investigating the cause of the fire which broke out when the cars were parked up and not being used.