Creating a good first impression.

2005/04/29 09:00:00 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife
Local councillor for transport, Rufino Javier Acosta Alvarez, explained that the aim of the new document is to encourage a closer cooperation between the taxi drivers and the local town hall working towards an improvement in the quality of the service offered.Acosta Alvarez explained that the taxi service of Granadilla provide the first impression of the island to thousands of tourists as leave Reina Sofia airport and the observation of the new regulations by all the taxi drivers will ensure that this first impression is a good one.The councillor confirmed that there are 157 official taxis currently working in the borough with an additional 90 drivers employed by the license holders.Acosta Alvarez concluded by highlighting the support of the local authority for the taxi drivers mentioning the operation set up recently to stamp down on the illegal use of non authorised vehicles to transport passengers to and from the airport.