Ángel Víctor Torres and Pedro Martín close ranks with Julian Mena in Arona

2020/06/24 16:39:08 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands and Secretary General of the PSOE in the Archipelago, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the President of the Cabildo and leader of the Socialist Party in Tenerife, Pedro Martín, publicly supported the Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, just 24 hours after he dismissed his Town Planning Councillor, Luis García, "for exceeding the limits of trust placed in the responsibility of any councillor," in the words of the mayor himself.

After accompanying the kings of Spain during their visit to a farm and a packing plant in Granadilla, Torres and Martín went to the local headquarters of the PSOE of Arona last night, where the 13 socialist councillors who make up the municipal government were in attendance. In addition to closing ranks with the mayor, both leaders issued a notice, warning that the abandonment of the socialist group in the City Council, would lead to expulsion from the party and becoming unaffiliated, which would mean that the affected councillors would not be in a position of supporting any motion of censure in local or regional politics.

It must be remembered that this democratic mechanism to promote a change in municipal government, could only be activated in the event that the opposition councillors, have a majority of 13 councillors, a situation that today is impossible in the case of the Arona City Council, which guarantees, in principle, the stability of the corporation until the end of the mandate in 2023.

The decision to dismiss the Town Planning Councillor has focused on the socialist municipal government group that, even with Luis García gone, they still have an absolute majority, occupying 13 of the 25 places in the plenary hall, before support from some of the smaller parties.

The mayor played down possible internal differences in the municipal group, saying “We are all aligned and we know what our individual and collective responsibility is; it is true that the minutes are individual, but we represent an acronym, we owe our loyalty to the PSOE party."

Regarding the causes of the dismissal of Luis García, Díaz Oda indicated that "there are more reasons" than the alleged irregularities of the Arts Lifestyle & Shopping Centre built, and sealed shut, on the waterfront in El Camisón, in Playa de Las Américas. "Other values ​​prevail, such as responsibility in an area that the mayor wants to promote" and stressed that the results in urban planning management "were not desirable, especially in this last year."

Finally, regarding a possible investigation opened by the Prosecutor's Office, the municipal spokesman assured that "the City Council has no complaint or reason to worry about one."

The dismissal of Councillor Luis García, coincides with the preparation of the General Urban Planning Plan, which already has a previous study, and with the forecast of takeoff of El Mojón, one of the biggest urban expansion areas listed on the island of Tenerife, of almost a million square metres, which investors demand to be promoted once and for all.