The Canary Islands multiplied passenger movements by four in June

2020/07/14 16:37:15 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

“Only 12,000 passengers travelled on international flights in June after the reopening of international borders”

Airports in the Canary Islands recorded 327,445 passengers in June, which was four times the 80,000 counted in May. This means that 247,000 travellers were gained in a month, confirming the progressive recovery of air traffic to the islands. But this figure is light years away from the 3.5 million movements in June 2019, which means that the year-on-year drop is still over 90%.

The major advance is the progressive recovery of domestic flights, especially inter-island, which accounted for a total of 313,766 movements, 352% more than in the previous month, when they fell below 70,000.

It is important to clarify that these are not unique passengers, since Aena offers the data of the sum of the arrivals and departures at each of the airports, so that the inter-island passengers are doubled in this statistic, making 155,000 actual travellers.

In any case, for June this national air traffic was still 80.4% below the 1.6 million national passengers in the same month of 2019.

International commercial flights with the islands only totalled 12,277 passengers between arrivals and departures in June, since the international borders were not opened until the 21st of the month.

It represents a decrease of 99.4% compared to almost 1.9 million trips in international connections in the same period of 2019. But at least 3,700 users were gained compared to just 9,000 recorded in May (+ 43% monthly).

By islands, Gran Canaria airport was the fourth in volume of passengers moved in all of Spain , accounting for 106,541, almost 76,000 more than in May. Tenerife Norte followed in the Canary Islands, with 99,703 travellers, 78,000 more than in May; Lanzarote, with almost 41,000, about 33,000 more than the previous month; Fuerteventura, with 31,500, about 25,000 more than in May; and La Palma, with 25,717, practically 21,000 more than the previous month. Tenerife South was left with 13,110 passengers.