Canaries workers have the second lowest salaries in Spain

2020/09/24 15:02:21 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The average gross annual salary of workers in the Canary Islands continued to be the second lowest in Spain in 2019, standing at 20,763 euros, just above the 19,947 euros in Extremadura and 3,245 euros below the national average, of 24,009 euros, according to data published today by the INE.

The salary of the islanders remains almost at the bottom of the country last year even despite having grown compared to the previous one, 2018, in a proportion that almost doubled the rise that was registered in the whole of Spain, with a 2.9 % increase compared to only 1.5% nationwide, according to the latest Quadrennial Salary Structure Survey prepared by the National Institute of Statistics.

These three territories with the highest salaries were the Basque Country (28,470 euros per worker), the Community of Madrid (27,010 euros) and Navarra (26,364 euros), which together with the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, presented average annual earnings higher than the national average.

It also details that in the islands the difference in salary between men and women increased, as women’s salaries grew by 0.7% annually to stand at 19,051 euros, and men registered a rise of 4.9%, reaching 22,333 euros.