The Canaries government does not rule out more restrictions to contain the virus

2020/09/16 15:18:26 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Minister of Health of the Canarian Government, Blas Trujillo, said today in parliamentary committee, that in the regional executive he does not have a triumphant speech about the pandemic, and has confirmed that its members will not hesitate to take much more restrictive measures if necessary.

 In a parliamentary appearance at the request of Cuidadanos to discuss the measures planned to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the councillor insisted that whoever has a triumphant speech has lost, because it is a phenomenon with which we will live with for a long time.

Trujillo said that the best medicine to fight the coronavirus is to confine oneself, but if that happens, we will enter a brutal economic crisis, with the consequent social problems, and asked, who predicted that the outbreak of the virus would occur in July and August like it has in Spain, and answered that "no one" did.

The councillor pointed out that the Canary Islands and the Basque Country have a similar population, and the Basque Country has a better health system thanks to better financing, but the cumulative incidence of coronavirus is more than double of that in the archipelago.

The deputy of Ciudadanos, Vidina Espino, replied that in the first wave, the Canary Islands were the second autonomous community with the most infected health personnel because they were not prepared, and considered that the regional executive acted with some laxity.

Espino assured that it is not a question of looking for culprits but of recognizing errors, adding that in the second wave the Canary Islands are not among the best autonomous communities, as they were in the first, and suggested that this has been due to some relaxation by the institutions.

The deputy indicated that there are 6,528 active cases of coronavirus in the islands, of which 60 percent are concentrated in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and added that specialists say it is very difficult to keep track of all contacts.

In addition, he referred to the return to school, which, he said, should have been done with the maximum security guarantees but which in his opinion have not been taken in all the islands, and thus in La Gomera all teachers there have had PCR tests done, and those of other islands have not, and also criticized that the student-teacher ratios have not been lowered, and have been set at 25 when experts say it should be between 15 and 20.

Vidina Espina also criticized that the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, said that PCR tests have not been carried out at airports because Europe and Spain did not allow it, but it turns out that they have been done at the Brussels airfield, as well as in Greece and others countries.

Blas Trujillo said that there is no common European policy, and the problem has been that some states have made ‘a rod for their own back’ and have taken measures to reduce mobility. "We are late" for the use of masks to be mandatory, but "very late" to the decree of the sanctioning regime, and demanded that the Primary Care service be strengthened.