51 people caught camping on Montaña Arena beach in Gran Canaria

2020/11/26 17:11:36 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

SEPRONA and the Guardia Civil have acted on 65 complaints they received last weekend for people camping on the Playa de Montaña la Arena beach in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, in 14 tents they had put up on the southern coastline of Gran Canaria.

Regardless of Covid regulations, camping is illegal in this area under Law 22/1988 on Costas for violation of article 33.5 that prohibits parking and the unauthorized circulation of vehicles, as well as camping on the beaches.

Agents of the Guardia Civil and SEPRONA from Vecindario counted 14 tents pitched in the prohibited area, and 51 people staying in them with a blatant disregard of Covid health regulations, many sharing tents who don’t live together, and none wearing masks.

There is currently a prohibition of camping on beaches by the Coastal Law, but also since the Resolution of June 19th, 2020, establishing prevention measures to deal with the health crisis caused by Covid-19, camping is only allowed in authorized places, i.e. Cabildo de Gran Canaria camping areas and tourist camp sites.

Failure to comply with the camping ban can lead to penalties of 40 euros per square metre of occupation per day, due to the Coastal Law, and in this case fines up to 3,000 euros per person for non-compliance with the restrictions established by the Canary Islands Government and the State, to face the health crisis caused by Covid-19 as prescribed in Art. 6.2. A.15 of Decree Law 14/2020, of September 4.