2020/07/29 15:44:11 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

British tourist reservations have fallen by almost 70% since the news of the quarantine for British travellers returning from Spain was announced on Saturday afternoon, according to data from the TravelgateX recruitment platform, which has seen a 'drastic' turnaround in reservations from the United Kingdom.

The main issuing market in Spain has gone from being close to last year's levels in the last two weeks, to suddenly drop by almost 70%. The island destinations with cancellation ratios much higher than those of the previous days, are the ones that have shown the greatest drop affected by the massive cancellation of flights by some of the main British tour operators.

Practically all of the rest of the European markets have followed this pattern, with the only exception being the German market, which although is still cautious, continues with a good recovery trend compared to the previous year.

Hoteliers are continuing to sell beds at lower prices than they did last year, especially in Catalonia and Andalusia, and to a lesser extent the Balearic Islands, while the Canary Islands are maintaining their average price.

In the period analyzed from July 20th to 27th compared to the previous week, July 12th-19th, the French market has decreased by 121%, there’s a drop of 105% in the Belgian market, and 53% in the UK market.

The communities in which the most cancellations have occurred by the British are the Balearic Islands (+ 35%), the Canary Islands (+ 24.8%), Catalonia (101%).

In that period, international reservations to Spain have fallen by 10% and cancellations have also increased by 32%. Portugal is the second market with the highest increase in cancellations (+ 12%).

The Balearic Islands suffered a 40% drop in reservations compared to the previous period. The Canary Islands also fell -42%, Andalusia -56% and Catalonia -72%.

Regarding cancellations, they increased 60% towards the Balearic Islands, 84% towards the Canary Islands, 17% towards Catalonia and 36% towards Andalusia compared to the previous period.

Data from the TravelgateX weekend, shows how bookings from Great Britain to Spain have fallen by 37% while cancellations increased by 93% and the cancellation ratio goes from 20% to 63%.

The most affected communities are the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Catalonia, and the markets with the most cancellations are Spanish and the United Kingdom