Blocked drain causes closure of Arinaga Beach due to sewage spill

2020/07/30 15:17:27 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Agüimes Council in Gran Canaria had to close the Arinaga beach yesterday due to sewage spilling into the sea as a result of a blockage in the sewer network.

The obstruction in the pipes was caused by wet wipes, paper towels, oils and grease, all items that are still being thrown into the toilet although the local council have advised people in the local area not to dispose of these items in the toilet. The first leak was detected at around 2.30 pm the pipes were cleared immediately but there was a further leak at 4 pm.

The mayor Óscar Hernández, has advised that the problem was resolved yesterday, but the beach still remains closed as the water needs to be checked to ensure it is safe for the public.