Tenerife beach closed because of Dolphin

2020/07/05 11:24:54 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Yesterday a Dolphin has been spotted in the port area swimming amongst the boats in Puerto Colon and also it is suspected the same dolphin has been seen this morning at La Pinta beach close to the shore in Costa Adeje.

It’s very unusual behaviour for a wild Dolphin to be swimming this close to the shore and it is though the animal could be injured or in distress. The Local Police have attended the area this morning to protect it from beaching itself and to avoid it having contact with people swimming in the water.

Local sources have reported members of the public jumping in at the port to try to take pictures and also swimming out to it which could distress it further, and swimming with  Cetaceans  (Whales, Dolphins etc) is prohibited under Spanish law as they are a protected species.   

The police have requested the presence of professionals from various wildlife departments, but they have been unable to attend today due to lack of staff, they have asked the police to close the beach and will try to assist tomorrow.

Photos.. Sergey Bocharnikov