Ashotel says that "time is running out" to save tourism

2020/10/22 09:01:55 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The hoteliers association of Tenerife, Ashotel, has warned that "the time for action to save tourism in the islands is running out if the safe corridors are not activated immediately" in the face of the pandemic.

The president of Ashotel, Jorge Marichal, said "It would be a suicide for the Canary Islands if the high tourist season, which officially starts on November 1st, was allowed to pass without the corresponding control measures such as safe corridors and tests at origin and destination to passengers and tourists,” adding "with each passing day the industry bleeds and languishes."

He admits that the implementation of these corridors is not the definitive solution to solve the effects of this pandemic, since the main thing is to control the infections, but it would allow the economy of the islands to start turning.

Ashotel also shows its support for the convoy of vehicles that descended on Santa Cruz on September 30th lead by the Círculo de Empresarios del Sur de Tenerife (CEST), to demand tests for passengers and visitors at airports and ports.

But the ideal is that within those tourist corridors, it is agreed that tests should be carried out in the countries of origin and reciprocity by the Canary Islands to do them when travellers leave the islands to guarantee the health of visitors, in addition to the residents of the archipelago.