Man arrested in Gran Canaria for fraud and fake documents

2020/05/27 11:15:33 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Guardia Civil in Gran Canaria are investigating a 35 year old man from Santa Lucía de Tirajana, for document fraud as he allegedly made papers for false job offers, then sold falsified occupational risk prevention certificates.

The man, a Spanish national identified as Z.A.B.H., contacted his victims by phone call, getting their numbers through other acquaintances, presenting himself as a recruitment manager for a construction company, informing them of a job offer that his company had for them.

Once the attention and interest of the victim had been captured, he asked them if they had an occupational risk prevention certificate, an essential requirement for accepting the job offered, in turn offering one for 100 euros.
When he gave them the falsified certificate, it was accompanied by a letter informing them that the start date of the job will be communicated to them.

However, after a certain amount of time, those affected tried to contact the man to find out the start date of the job, and had no reply to phone calls or messages.
Others tried to use the certificate for a claim at a different job but soon found out it wasn't genuine, as they had been issued under the names of two diffrent companies, one related to training for employment based in Valencia, which hasn't had authorization to issue them since 2013, and the second one related to construction and based in the Canary Islands.

So far the Guardia Civil has found eleven people scammed by the man, although the investigation continues and they believe there are many more people out there with these fake documents.