AENA delaying progress

2005/05/06 09:00:00 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife
That was one of the items on the agenda of a meeting between the local authority and Tenerife Cabildo to analyse the progress so far.Providing a new access at Cocarmen agricultural co-operative now had the necessary permission and a technical study had been completed on traffic and pedestrian safety affecting accesses to the Secondary Education Institute, said the Cabildo.A project for a third lane on the road linking Granadilla town with San Isidro was being drawn up, a report was expected soon on the Granadilla-Cruz de Tea route and improvements to the road from Charco del Pino to Las Zocas (San Miguel de Abona) had the go-ahead.Resurfacing work was also planned on the link between San Isidro, Chimiche and Los Blanquitos, the TF-28 and the roads leading to San Miguel and El M�dano.