Walk for life, race for the cure? What is going on!

2020/09/17 16:59:42 Written by Canarian Weekly Community

I’m confused – can I do the breast cancer Adeje – Arona Walk for Life this year?
No, well not exactly. Have you got any digital walking shoes?

OK, now I’m even more confused. Is this a Covid con?
No, seriously. A few things happened to the Walk for Life foundation before the Covid pandemic struck, so this year was always going to be a bit different – OK, we admit, not this different?  Were you on the walk last year, with about 5,000 other people?

Yes, it was fantastic – it is every year, the pink wave with thousands walking between Adeje and Arona, raising funds for the Walk for Life Foundation and other breast cancer charities and support groups. But did I miss something?
During the pre-walk gig Brigitte Gypen, the founder of the movement here, told the crowds that she and the Foundation had been invited to represent Spain in the Think Pink Europe collective, with over 20 countries on board, part of a wider global movement.  Actually if you have time have a look at how other countries deal (or don’t deal) with the issue – it might make you appreciate what we do have here – though of course things can always get better.

I get that – we are part of a bigger movement – so what was planned for 2020 then?
The organisers wanted to organise 30 Races for the Cure with 300,000 participants in 22 countries in Europe. But…the world isn’t the same place as it was last year when the plans were drawn up – however the organisers, a stubborn determined lot, were not going to simply cancel everything and go home.  After all, this isn’t just about showing our support, it is about raising money for hugely important projects. Here’s one for instance – a few years ago the Walk for Life Foundation saw that many women here in the Canary Islands cannot afford a proper post-mastectomy bra. These bras are vitally important in the post-operative care and recovery for women and are personalised supports, but they are also expensive. So the Foundation now runs a campaign ensuring that every woman in the Canary Islands can have a bra of their own.  That can make an enormous difference to someone overcoming breast cancer. And this is funded by your donations in previous years.

OK, I get that. So what is the Plan B (is it too soon to make Plan C – cue covid puns!)
Yes, it is too soon – so here is the Plan B (breast cancer). There is a digital Race for the Cure instead of the walk. It actually is a lot easier on your legs than the Walk for Life – you simply go online, register, pay your €5 per person – and join a team or create your own (and you can be the captain!!) and then on the any one of the three days set aside for the event – Sept 25th, 26th and 27th, you can do any kind of pink activity and fill your own social media with photos of the event, send them to your team, encourage  others to take part, Think Pink. Digitally uniting Europe in the fight against breast cancer.

Obviously you can organise your own local event (observing all local Covid health restrictions) – there are some details here - https://carreraporlavida.org/en/ and here https://www.raceforthecure.eu/en/How-to-participate

What matters is that funds are raised to allow the foundation continue in the amazing work that they do, and that awareness of breast cancer, of the value of early detection, of the support services available for victims and family, and the ways we can all help, continue to receive the kind of attention in media and online to the public know the foundation is there for them.

Most likely to think!
I wonder how many of my friends and colleagues I can get to join my team?

Least likely to think!
I don’t have breast cancer so it’s nothing to do with me!

There's only one thing to think...
Think Pink!