Unemployment grows in the Canary Islands by 6,093 people in May

2020/06/02 17:59:18 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The number of unemployed in the Canary Islands reached 261,074 people in May, due to an increase of 6,093 in the fifth month of the year, which in percentage terms is an increase of 2.39% compared to the previous month, according to data from the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy, published this Tuesday.

The growth of unemployment continues to be weighed down by the coronavirus crisis, since in year-on-year terms, the rise in unemployment in the archipelago was 26.71%, which implies that there are currently 55,033 more unemployed people than this time last year.

By province, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria experienced the biggest monthly increase, with a rise of 3,864 people (+2.91%) and stands at 136,462 unemployed; while in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the growth was 2,229 people (+1.82%), and a total of 124,612 unemployed.

Females continue to be the most affected by unemployment in the islands, where 141,491 women as opposed to 119,583 men are out of work, and 19,213 are under the age of 25.

Unemployment only decreases in construction:
By sector, unemployment in the Canary Islands has only decreased in the construction industry in May, where it fell by 908 people, although it continues to be the second sector with the most unemployed, accounting for 25,466 workers.

On the opposite side was the service sector, which is the sector with the most people on the unemployment charts in the fifth month of the year, as it increased by 5,905 people and reached 203,290 unemployed.

The rest of the sectors also experienced increases, so that the number of people without previous employment grew by 737, with anaccumulated total of 17,030 unemployed; followed by agriculture where it increased by 220 people to 5,307 unemployed.

Hiring has increased:
On the other hand in May, the Canary Islands registered 18,300 contracts, representing an increase of 3,867, which in percentage terms implied an increase of 26.79% in May, with respect to the previous month.

However, in year-on-year terms, there was a drop of 50,848 contracts, 73.54% less than in May 2019. Currently the total number of contracts on the islands is 205,069 of which 25,731 are permanent and 179,338 temporary.

Of the total contracts registered in May (18,300), 2,676 were permanent, an increase of 47.85% with respect to the previous month; while the remaining 15,624 were temporary, which registered an increase of 23.77% in May in relation to April.