The UK's decision is totally illogical says Torres

2020/07/28 20:46:59 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The President of the Canary Islands Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, said on Tuesday that the decision of the United Kingdom to impose a confinement on tourists returning from Spain as a result of the coronavirus, "has no logic" according to epidemiologic data, and thanked Germany for its position, in that it has excluded the Canary and Balearic Islands from its recommendation not to make non-essential trips.

Torres said in a press conference to the media that, "at the moment they are carrying out all possible diplomatic work to reverse the decision, " so that there is an exception at least for the island territories.

For Torres, it doesn't make "any sanitary sense" to include the islands in the same bag as the rest of the territory when epidemiological data, both in the Canary Islands, which has the second best of all the Autonomous Communities, and in the Balearic Islands which are better than those in the UK.

Torres stressed that the Canary Islands are "at a time when it is gradually going back to normal" but that international tourism is absolutely essential, stressing that "the British market is very important for the Canary Islands, as are the German and Nordic markets, especially from September, but also in July and August," he said.

He stressed that Germany has "taken a massive step" making a decision differentiating areas.
"We are talking about a situation of coherence, of justice. It makes no sense for us to prevent traveling to a place where there are better health and contagious data than ours, "he said.

Finally in this regard, Torres said he believed that "by the end of tomorrow" the "final decision" will take place, "and therefore, anything that helps bring common sense to the attention of the British Government, is welcome," he said.

Torres finally added that airlines are also talking to the British government because they have said they want to operate: "I am aware that an internal negotiation is taking place in the United Kingdom with companies, in the case of airlines that do not understand the measure of preventing or not recommending travelling to the Canary Islands."