Two injured in paragliding accident in Adeje

2020/10/16 09:06:54 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Two people were injured in a paragliding accident yesterday in the area of ​​Los Dedos de Ifonche, in the municipality of Adeje in the south of Tenerife as reported by the Coordinating Centre for Emergencies and Security (Cecoes).

The incident happened at around midday when emergency services received an alert reporting the accident of a paraglider, which was flying tandem with the male pilot and a 28-year-old female Brazilian passenger.

The Coordination Centre requested help from the Vilaflor Local Police to stop the departure of other paragliders in the area, since there were a large number of them in the air at that time, and the GES helicopter had to be dispatched to the area.

The helicopter located where they had crash-landed, and the crew accessed them, before airlifting them to the helipad at the Adeje Firefighters, where an ambulance was waiting and paramedics attended to their injuries.

Fortunately, the pilot was not too badly hurt, but the passenger needed further medical attention and was transferred to hospital. No-one else was involved in the incident.