Two thieves arrested during two robberies in the south of Tenerife

2020/08/14 09:07:01 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Guardia Civil of Playa de las Américas, have arrested two men aged 24 and 34, both residents of Santa Cruz, for carrying out two burglaries in Arona.

The arrests took place during the night on Wednesday night, when they learned of the possibility of two house robberies in Las Galletas.

Allegedly the two men forced the locks of the homes, and went inside stealing a number of valuables, including a dozen electronic devices and various pieces of jewellery, according to a Guardia Civil a press release.

After receiving an alert the agents went to the address and met the caller, who had seen the two men when they tried to force open the door of one of the houses.
They carried out various discreet surveillance on foot in the vicinity of the area, and found the pair walking through the area.

Subsequently, the officers carried out a superficial search of them, and inspected their belongings, finding that they were carrying various tools that could be used for this type of crime, as well as pairs of black gloves.
Officers said they also answered their questions "in an incoherent and meaningless manner", further raising suspicions.

As they didn't have full identification on them, officers told the two men they would accompany them to their accommodation to get it, which turned out to be a nearby holiday apartment they were staying in.

The men had no choice but to collaborate with the police, and in the apartment handed over their ID, and numerous stolen items.

In total the police found three tablets, a laptop, a mobile phone, some branded sunglasses, six high-end brand watches, three gold rings, a bracelet, 13 pairs of earrings, and a bag with 43 banknotes from different countries.

The two men were immediately arrested for the robbies, and taken to Las Americas police station to await trial.