Tower block fire in Santa Cruz, 70 people evicted

2020/10/22 07:29:26 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Updated at 09:47am

70 people have had to be evicted from their homes in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood of Añaza last night, when a fire broke out in an apartment located on the top floor of a tower block, later spreading to two floors.

The fire was reported to emergency services at around 11pm and the flames had already spread to two other homes in the block. Firefighters were dispatched immediately to the site and started to evacuate residents and tackle the fire, and the Local Police cordoned off the area, while paramedics from the ambulance service attended to people as they were evacuated.

Reports from the emergency services say that the fire is now under control, and that some people had to be transferred to hospitals for smoke inhalation and a 16-year-old boy suffered minor burns, but as yet full details haven’t been released.

As reported by the Local Police of Santa Cruz, the tenants of the affected homes are the members of three families to whom the City Council was looking for provisional accommodation late last night. For now, at least half a dozen will not be able to return home, although for now they have rehoused in the homes of relatives, waiting for the Municipal Institute of Social Care (IMAS) to find a solution for them today.

Although the firefighters managed to control the fire, they are waiting for the technicians safety report, so that the evacuees can return in safety.