Tourist arrivals in Lanzarote fell by 58% in September compared to August

2020/10/20 10:26:04 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

The loss of passengers at Lanzarote airport continues to increase, and, according to Aena data, in September it only received 15,902 foreign travellers and 29,185 internal passengers, compared to the 246,141 passengers in the same month of 2019. Figures that are also below those registered August, which was already registering a drastic fall.

Regarding international passengers, the drop is 91.9% compared to September last year, when 196,155 foreign tourists landed in Lanzarote airport. With respect to August of this year, when the airport received 37,933 international passengers, the decrease was 58.1%.

With domestic travellers, a 39.8% drop is reflected compared to August, when 48,486 passengers arrived in Lanzarote from different airports on the mainland, and 41% compared to September last year, when the island received 49,486 travellers from other parts of Spain.

The United Kingdom, the main market, sent just over 7,000 tourists:
Regarding international tourism, the main source market continued to be the United Kingdom, although there were only 7,154 people who arrived in Lanzarote from the UK in September, compared to the 11,587 who did so the previous month, and the 116,564 who landed in the island in September 2019.

France was the second issuing country with 2,399 passengers compared to 7,677 a year ago, and 3,365 who came to the island in August. From Ireland 1,906 people landed in Lanzarote in September, when in the same month of 2019 there were 26,894 passengers from this country, and in August of this year 3,198

As for Germany, the fact that this country put the Canary Islands on its black list in September, meant that, compared to the 7,936 tourists who arrived in Lanzarote in August, a month later this figure fell to 1,389. In September last year, 19,347 Germans landed on the island.

The restrictions on trips to the Canary Islands that Belgium imposed on its citizens, were also noticed on the island in September when only 548 passengers from this country came to the island compared to 2,922 received in August and 5,026 from a year ago.

Finally, the Lanzarote airport received 1,681 from Italy in September, 534 from Luxembourg, and 209 from Switzerland. No tourists came from the rest of the international destinations.