2020/05/31 07:04:29 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Canaries president predicts that the crisis "will be tougher" in the Canary Islands, and there are "difficult months ahead", but defends facing the reality of "the difficulties we are going to endure" in his Dia Canaria speech. Torres says the Islands will emerge from the crisis "by joining forces" and calls for European solidarity.

The President of the Canary Islands Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, predicts that the economic and social crisis caused by the coronavirus "will be more severe, if that's possible", in the Islands than in the rest of Spain because "we are a world power in tourism, which has been hit like no other by the pandemic. Our recovery will be slower, but it will come," he emphasized in the speech Dia Canaria 2020.

From an empty theatre, Torres addressed the Islands saying that they are: "full of courage, effort, commitment and hope".
He said that the archipelago has been shaken up like the rest of the planet, and put to the test "collectively and individually," as "In just eighty days the world is a different place."

The president began his speech by expressing "the affection, empathy and warmth" of all the canaries to the families most affected by the pandemic, those who have lost a loved one or fear for the lives of family and friends, "They are not alone," he added.

Torres appreciated the "titanic effort of thousands of professionals" and their "unlimited commitment" to cushion the first blows of the pandemic, and asked for everyone to continue to value "the courage, ability and dedication of those who serve us on the front line," during the worst moments. He also thanked the two million canaries residents "who have been disciplined and acted exemplary in abiding by the restrictions that a state of alarm inevitably entails."

In recognition of the fact that, "together we have managed a situation that has overwhelmed the strongest governments on the planet", the regional government last night awarded a single Canary Islands Award, "the one that aims to recognize all the Canaries for their effort, the one that we want to award to the entire citizenry.

"We are a strong, mature and responsible people", that in the last few months has faced "the worst storm we have ever experienced", and that has experienced "the greatest crisis that we have suffered in decades as a people, as a society, as a human group".
It is not the first time that the Canary Islands has been forced to swim against the current, nor has it been "surrounded by an ocean of problems. Our History is the chronicle of a people that learned to overcome, to fight, to stand up, to never lower their arms, to never surrender," he remarked.

Just as "our grandparents or great-grandparents did not give up, neither are we going to give up." In fact, "we are going to overcome and continue advancing, and we will know how to live intelligently with the virus".

The Canary Islands will emerge from this crisis "by joining forces", although "as certain as we are that we will succeed, is that also difficult months await us."

"Let us be aware that the worst crisis in our lives is knocking on our door," he said, declaring himself in favor of being realistic about "the difficulties we are going to endure."

The president also called for Europe's solidarity to tackle the crisis, started by a pandemic that "has rocked the world, without stopping at borders or territories." Europe, he said, must understand "that our region, 1,200 kilometres from the continent, deserves a special effort in which the country as a whole will participate."
In this regard, he assured that “we are not alone. They will not leave us alone."

Torres maintained that the regional Executive "is working from sunrise to sunset to activate plans, measures and actions, that respond to those who are going to have the worst individual, family or work experience."

"With perseverance, responsibility and unity, the Canary Islands will succeed," he proclaimed.