Torres confident successful negotiations will remove quarantine next week for Canaries

2020/08/01 08:33:21 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The President of the Canary Islands Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, said yesterday, during the Conference of Presidents, that he is confident that the negotiations with the UK to remove the Canary Islands from the list of destinations that after visiting must be quarantined, will take place next week after a modification to the relevant legislation in Britain.

Torres explained that there had been contact between the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and her British counterpart during the conference, and that Pedro Sánchez had also spoken with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He emphasized that these negotiations are the top priority for the Canary Islands, but that once this has been achieved, he wants tests to be available to those who voluntarily request one for travelling, and that the Government enable the situation to be able to do it.

During the Conference, the Canaries President proposed the creation of a new tax that would make it possible to have PCR testing at all airports in the European Union (EU), meaning “greater security in air travel” until a coronavirus vaccine is available

This rate and measure, he suggested, would apply only "temporarily" and pending an effective vaccine. As the Canary Island president explained in the press conference after the meeting, he has proposed that this initiative be channelled through the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Torres conveyed this suggestion to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, with the aim that he transfer it in turn “to the rest of the EU leaders”. For Torres, more monitoring, tracking, and greater control at borders are necessary.