Three turtles rescued in the waters of El Hierro tangled in fishing nets

2020/10/21 08:20:21 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Three young loggerhead turtles have been flown to the Wildlife Recovery Centre of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to receive attention to various different injuries, after being found entangled in raffia sacks and fishing nets in the waters of El Hierro.

The turtles, all of juvenile age and weighing 3.6 kilos,  8.8 kilos, and 9.3 kilos , all arrived at the centre with injuries to their necks and fins, although the smallest of them also showed signs of anemia, according to a statement from the Cabildo.

Vets at the centre are pleased with how they have responded to treatment, and they are already in swimming pools where they will remain under surveillance until they fully recover, for a period of at least one month, in the case of the heaviest, and at least two months, in the case of the smallest.

The Cabildo report explains how the three turtles were rescued over the weekend in the vicinity of the ports of La Restinga and La Estaca, in El Hierro, from where they were flown to Gran Canaria to be treated at the Recovery Centre of Wild Fauna, as there are no facilities and adequate equipment to assist these animals.

Unfortunately it’s a sign of the modern times that more and more marine wildlife is getting injured by plastics and fishing nets in the oceans of the world.