A testing night for emergency services in mountains of the Canaries

2020/05/25 10:01:30 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

4 fires, 1 false alarm, but no-one hurt during difficult night in the Canary Islands. The Las Lagunetas fire was the most dangerous of those that took place in Gran Canaria.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria, experienced a new episode last night of the eternal struggle against forest fires, in a particularly difficult day due to adverse weather conditions following a yellow warning from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), that remained active due to high temperatures in Gran Canaria, and throughout the weekend an alert was active for, precisely, the risk of forest fires throughout the Canary Islands.

In spite of everything, the quick reaction of the emergency services avoided greater evils.

In total there were five incidents (including a false alarm), two of them in Tenerife (Icod de los Vinos and El Sauzal), while the remaining three occurred practically simultaneously in GranCanaria (La Vega de San Mateo and Arucas). The one that turned out to be non-existent, but forced resources to be to diverted, was in Teror.

The most serious fire started just after 9.30pm in Gran Canaria when an outbreak was reported in the Las Lagunetas area of Vega de San Mateo. The fire affected approximately one hectare of land and at a quarter past eleven it was classed as under control, by the numerous resources deployed to the area.
They continued working in the area until dawn when they finally confirmed it was out.

The problems increased when, still active in Las Lagunetas, two more fire alerts arrived, one in Arucas and the other in Teror, meaning that the emergency services had to divide their resources.
As for Arucas, the reaction was so quick that the fire was extinguished by midnight, and only affected a very small area.

A special mention needs to be made regarding the false alarm in Teror.
The Gran Canaria Cabildo announced on social media last night, that the security forces are investigating the source of the alert of the fire, as it could be a crime, given that such conduct, if confirmed to have been maliciously false, is typified in the current Penal Code.

At just before 11pm last night a new outbreak was declared in Tenerife, in a place known as Los Corraletes, which is close to the town of Ravelo, within the municipality of El Sauzal.
A fire was reported to have started in an orchard, so the forest brigades were fully deployed, with the support of other services including the Local Police, and firefighters, who managed to contain the blaze quickly and get it under control

It is important to remember that it is the speed of response, that prevents these outbreaks from generating into large fires.