Tenerife is the only Canary Island to have international arrivals today!

2020/06/22 17:42:04 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Today the Canary Islands airports have started the first week of the ‘new normality’ with a total of 216 flight operations, i.e. the arrival and departure of 108 flights.

According to data collected by the Europa Press from Aena sources, the majority of flights are between the islands, and they emphasize that although this is a good start, in the early days of summer last year, the islands were close to 1,000 daily operations.

In addition to the inter-island flights, there are 30 national flight operations with the mainland, especially with Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, and 8 international flight operations (4 flights) with Tenerife South, the only Canaries airport that is receiving international flights today.

These international flights are: one from Verona operated by the airline Neos, another from Frankfurt with Condor, and two more from the Hungarian airline Wizz Air that connects the island with Luton and Budapest.