Tejeda closes municipal facilities and tells residents to stay at home due to increase in cases

2020/09/19 12:01:53 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

Given the significant increase in coronavirus positives in the municipality of Tejdea, its mayor Francisco Perera issued a statement on Friday notifying the closure of all municipal facilities and their services, such as the gyms, activities, and sports facilities, until further notice. In addition, in order to prevent more severe restrictions, he has requested the collaboration of residents in complying with all sanitary measures.

All inhabitants of the town have been reminded to obey the mandatory use of a mask, avoid leaving their homes as much as possible, avoid social and family gatherings, keep a safe distance when they have to go out to go to work or shopping, especially in closed and poorly ventilated places.

Also, to remember the importance of continuous hand washing and disinfection to avoid contagion and the need for those who are in quarantine, either because they have tested positive from a PCR test or have been in close contact with an infected person, and to comply with isolation without going out or having visitors.

In case of having any symptoms of coronavirus, or of being in contact with someone positive, they are urged to call 112 and follow the guidelines and recommendations that they dictate.

Finally, Perera calls for individual and social responsibility as a key to curbing infections. Tejeda is the fourth-ranked municipality in Gran Canaria, with an AI above 100, at 209.5 even though they don’t have a significant number of cases (only 4) but it is in relation to the population of the town, which less than 2,000 inhabitants.