Stray Cat 'Airbnb' for the Canary Islands

2020/11/05 14:34:13 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The initiative consists of paying those who temporarily foster them, as if it were a feline Airbnb.

The idea came from a citizen of Telde, Gran Canaria, who after rescuing a stray cat in distress and paying for his check-up and veterinary care, chose to pay whoever took him in temporarily for at least a week at a time.

With the current financial crisis the volunteers helping stray animals have found themselves under increasing pressure with more abandoned animals and less funding. The rescuer came up with the idea of ​​publishing an image of the cat on the website for lost, found and animals for adoption,, requesting a short stay for it to recover, with the novelty that he/she pays for it.

The animal platform emphasizes that “although animals abandoned on public roads are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the City Councils, the reality is that sometimes their unwillingness to help causes ordinary citizens to pay the veterinary expenses related to their health or sterilization, and then desperately looking for a temporary home while they recover and to try and rehome them so they dont end up back on the street.

The precedent could create a form of collaboration 'quid pro quo', and until now cat shelters are almost non-existent and this measure could generate mutual aid. Formulas such as paying a euro a day are currently being studied to avoid abuse of foster homes and, incidentally, to increase the number of them.

Meanwhile, plans to create on its platform a free option to rent feline foster homes and without commission. "Possibly an Airbnb of feline shelters is a solution for animals in temporary foster care, since municipal public cat rehoming centres are not yet a reality in the Canary Islands and there is a lot of unmet demand," says the animal platform.

Picture: rescue kitten from K9 Tenerife Cats